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Image by Nickhil Jain (08/21)

Born with a stainless mind and a heart made of steel, she fought the elements on a daily basis, until she could no longer feel.

You see Oxygen was her mother and water was her father. Both professionals at knowing, how to collectively corrode her. 

They suspended her self-confidence and left her heart full of holes. Never once considering it was not her fault, that she was born a girl.

Bound by a culture, where blue was the only badge of honour, she was unable to touch economic freedom, as she possessed the wrong genitalia. 

Imprisoned by a zip-line, formed of ignorance and injustice. She was on a linear passage to premature marriage and multiple children before she was an adult.

At no point would she tell them, that she was actually gay. She knew this would be the end of her and they would hang her out to dry.  

Infringed by her society, black and white in their mind, her limited education shackled her to the floor plans, she had not comprised.

Unable to escape, paralysis surely set in. She remained stuck on this path…..never      seeing  she could unclip.
Image by Veronica Lissandrini (05/21)
Colour Blindness

I am one and we are thee. Not a stranger to the colours that make  
us one to be.

Metamorphosed from the same carbon atoms, so we act like stars on earth. Our existence for a space in time but the driving force behind our egos. We create and manifest chaos around us, never wanting our feet to touch the ground. Feeding the distance between our true selves, and the dark matter that floats beneath our surface. 

We reflect through reading, hypothesising and imagining. Strain to re-build the fabrics that make us feel whole. We reach for a rainbow, that only appears between the light and dark, in hope of feeling some joy in our world.

I am one and we are thee. Not a stranger to the colours that make  
us one to be.
We become masters of our stage, professionals at flipping our personalities. We switch our masks regularly and so often, that we forget the essence of our former being. We imagine desperately, the sun hitting our skin in the perfect way and the moon taking away the shadows that haunt us. All the while never considering the weight of living outside of our inner peace.

I am one and we are thee. Not a stranger to the colours that make  
us one to be.

We disconnect ourselves from the world. Unplug our social existence. A simple flip of a switch and we are nobody but who we are to ourselves. We want to see through the mediocracy of our own drama and reconnect with the grandeur of our universe. We are in the middle of our own dream and we want to see colour in the way we can be. 

For a moment we can convince ourselves, that we have found our inner peace. Believing that growth ‘just happens’ without any effort put in. This time is no different, from the times that came before. We have fooled ourselves, once again, by a false sense of growth. Monochrome lenses return over our eyes, as the silver linings fade away. Mid-tones are lost in the chaos of our minds and we are, again, left with black or white.  

I am one and we are thee. Not a stranger to the colours that make  
us one to be.

Image by John Samual Pughe (01/21)
The Elite Part II

We've conquered the land, so let’s take to the sky.
For those who can't fly, we wave goodbye.
If your pockets are lined with tissues, this is an issue. 
For those who were born rich, lets quickly make the switch. 
The markets here are free, so openly make your plea.
Is it in food, water or air, that you want to make your greed? 
Lets conquer the sky, so our bank accounts don't run dry.
For this is the new world, where again, the rich survive.
Image by Oscar-Ukonu (02/21)
The inkblot test

When I cease to be, what will my head-lines read?
What words will be written, on this page I cannot see?
Who will sum me up, In a page, column, or row? 
Will the headlines bleed betrayal?
Or paint a picture of my soul?

Will it summaries my failures?
Or celebrate my wins?
Would it even be a fair assumption, If they failed to see me from within?

Would they choose to write with basic words, thus legible to all?
Will they dance with words, on all four pages, like I’m Cinderella at the ball?

Will they create a saucy gossip page, so every word is read with care? 
Assume that people faintly read, if dirt is not laid bare?

Who would really, 
                               care to read, 
                                                    my TRUE daily life affair? 

When the truth is somewhat boring and propagandas wrapped around my hair.
Image by Micheal Easterling (03/21)
Field Of Dreams
                                                                          17th of July 2013
Dear Diary, 
 Today is the day the UK Government finally granted us permission to marry the ones we love!. Today is suppose to be a victorious day in my life history, but its a hard one to purely celebrate.

 A bunch of mostly ‘Out of touch’ men (let’s be honest) who don’t know me, perhaps unlikely to have socialised with me or only seen ‘My kind’ on television, have finally given me permission to be an equal in the eyes of the law. A stepping stone to move up in theory.

 28 years I’ve lived in a country where feeling equal to my fellow human was a privilege not a given. In a country where I had to think ten times about if I was 
allowed to be ‘Out’ at work or if I could hold my girlfriends hand in public without being attacked.  28 years I perfected my inferiority complex. A complex which I can only compare to an aggressive cancer running rampant through every aspect of my life and being. Making me feel worthless. 

 While society walks around with ‘Straight privilege’, I walk around wishing I was never born gay.

 I looked up the statistics today and only 15 countries have agreed to recognise same sex marriage as valid entitiy in society. That is less than 8% of the world where we can ‘In theory’ feel safe, secure and apparently accepted. There are only 8% of the worlds people who legally have to see and treat us as equals. Merely 8% of the world where we can be reassured that when we get beaten up, for being ourselves, our perpetrators may face some consequences. 

 Lives and years have come and gone and we have left behind us a trail of tortured souls.  Souls who will never feel the joy of equality, never know the taste of freedom and never experience holding their lovers’ hand in public without fear. I wish I didn’t have to be part of that twisted history but the reality is, it won’t be much different for us. 

 ‘Societies perceptions’ are still the reality we have to live within. 

 I have to accept that we may never ever truly feel equal in my lifetime. Ever.

 SO! Future me!!  When you read this in 2023, a decade from now, I hope your reality is better than it is for us today. I hope you are welcomed with open arms in 100% of the countries and you get to choose which, out of all 193 countries, you want to travel around on your honeymoon. Hand-in-hand with your wife. I hope you have felt the ultimate freedom we are all so desperate to feel in the world today.

 But for now I’ll continue to submerge myself in hope...and dream of a utopia where laws like the 'Equalties Act' are no longer previlant and needed. A bias-blind-world.

Living in hope and no not fear, 

 anyway.... until tomorrow diary,

with LOVE always,